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With a history of more than twenty years in pre-fabricated residential construction, we are one of the pioneers of the steel-frame low energy house in Europe. Unlike many of our colleagues who upgrade woodworking or furniture businesses to go into chalet building, for us our modular buildings are simply a continuation of a successful residential construction business.
We are ready, more than ever, to provide not only the best service, but the best experience to every client who chooses us.
So, do we have what it takes to stand out from the competition? Let’s see.


The luxury bungalows, modular homes and service buildings we produce are completely and thoroughly engineered products. Even the tiniest detail of every building is elaborately designed, 3D modelled and structurally tested prior to implementing it in construction.
But first we start with the bigger picture.
Appearance, comfort and functionality, all of this combined in a single house.
Our dedicated team of professional architects have put all of their experience in residential design so that form and function are combined in the best way possible.
It is to our company’s team of architects that we owe the contemporary and classy exteriors of our bungalows and modular houses, which will also offer comfortable interiors, luxury finishes and the latest in materials and building technology.

Tesseract Homes team of architects will also help you create your custom made house, built around you, your personal preferences, way of life and construction budget.

Starting from the idea…

Design Construction1

The dream...

Design Construction

and the home

Design Construction

At Tesseract Homes we also employ a team of engineers from every specialty in residential construction. This is how we make sure that your new home will be structurally sound and durable, but also energy efficient, thoroughly soundproofed with all integrated systems and installations working seamlessly for many years to come.
And besides product design our specialists are a vital part of our continuous Research & Development process. Together with our longstanding partners from the construction industry we are implementing the latest in building technologies and materials, heating systems, electrical, water and gas installations, connectivity and more.


Having designed your new home it is also our privilege and responsibility to build it. At Tesseract Homes we are running our own production facilities, which cater for every construction stage. Most notably structure works, roofing, façade, interiors, plumbing, electrical and heating system installations are manufactured or installed in our factory under the supervision of the engineering team. This approach allows us to limit the participation of sub-contractors in the construction process and only very limited number of components, like furniture for instance, are outsourced. Even in this case, though, all outsourced products are carefully inspected prior to installation.
Constantly striving for perfection, in our production we are assisted by the latest developments in production, surveying and CAD/CAM assembly technology provided by the world leaders in construction tools and machinery.


Durability. This is the key term builders assign to their products and is the most popular slogan when advertising construction services. We also claim that our houses are very sturdy and durable, but we will go further, let us tell you just why. At Tesseract Homes we have adapted several key principles which help us guarantee not only the durability of our products, but also their unique feel.

Using the best of construction materials – Quality can be secured only when using premium grade materials. This is why we source only from the best, not only in Europe, but the globe. Moreover, during the years we have established close partnerships with leading building systems producers. This allows us to stand at the forefront of building technology by quickly and successfully implementing the latest improvements in construction technology.

Creating a seamless production process – As said above our houses are completely engineered. This allows us not only to be effective when building, but to also make sure that the construction process runs smoothly and every detail is produced and installed properly and at the right time. Detailed pre-planning and pre-design also allows us to flawlessly monitor every step of production and in reality leave no room for any omissions or mistakes. Also, we are constantly investing in our production process, which is almost fully carried out in-house under our own constant supervision and following the stringent Tesseract Homes quality check procedures.

No novices on our team – No, we do not turn down new recruits. But every new employee becomes a part of our two-year training program before he or she is assigned to perform any jobs independently. And even after this point our stringent quality control procedures are fully in force.

Comprehensive warranty periods – Our high standards in building also allow us to safeguard the interests of our clients by providing extensive warranty periods for the houses we build. Any bungalow purchased from Tesseract Homes comes with our standard 10 years structural warranty, 6 years minimal waterproofing warranty, 5 years minimal exterior warranty and many more.

This is how we build. We accept no substitute for quality, so that we can make your bungalow not only a home away from home, but your favorite place to live.

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