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Custom made

Your own house – your own personal space and your own personal achievement.

If you want your house to not only be tailored to your needs but wrapped around your very own preferences, aesthetical standards and way of life – we will be happy to build it for you.

Also, our professional team of architects will guide and assist you in the design process, so that versatility, comfort and space are all present in your custom design.

And how about technology? – We are ready and capable to fit your house with the latest in technology and equipment. From making it a smart home with full control at your fingertips to a passive, energy neutral or even off-grid residence.

All this, of course, delivered in time and with all the standard features that make a Tesseract house stand out from the rest.

So, let us start your new project today.


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Stationslaan 13, 3844 GA Harderwijk
+31 (0) 638 339 393
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