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Hotel units

Alongside our standard lines of products Tesseract Homes is also producing hotel units for vacation parks or camping sites.

The construction technology we employ contributes much to the success of our holiday units. Apart from the quality finishes and a long list of options, the lower energy consumption of our houses saves a lot from the expenses associated with a hotel unit.

hotel units

Also, the quality materials and the robust structure that we use makes for the lower maintenance costs and guarantees your investment for lots of years to come.

The Tesseract Homes hotel units are usually made upon custom requirements, but we also have standard designs we can offer upon request, so please contact us.

As all our products, the hotel units feature as standard:

• Kerrafront cellular or steel – puralmat exterior cladding – various decors or colors available.
• 5-chamber uPVC windows as standard, triple glazing as standard.
• Firestone high-quality TPO roofing as standard.
• LED lighting throughout.
• High performance insulation as standard – 160 mm exterior wall thickness.
• Built-in Grohe toilet as standard.
• Various heating and climate options including Daikin air-water thermal pump.
• Delivery to any point in the Netherlands included in our base prices.
• Prices starting from 27 959.00 EUR inclusive of VAT.

hotel units
hotel units

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