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On the other pages of our website you will see how proud we are of the houses we build. We take pride in our quality, which includes some of the best building materials from all over the globe.
We use German facades, windows and locking systems, Belgian or Dutch wall and ceiling panels, Austrian wood products, boards and wallpapers, Finnish or American roofing, Italian or Swedish appliances, Japanese or Korean air-conditioning, climate control or heating systems and many more.

We are a global brand supplying a global product to a global audience.

But before all these components, materials and systems are assembled into an actual home they first make a little journey to a tiny, Southern, EU-country called Bulgaria.

Why Bulgaria?
Image of Bularia

Bulgaria has seen a surge in foreign investment recently /The Netherlands being by far the largest net foreign investor/, due to having the lowest corporate tax in the European Union, a very favorable geographic location, good infrastructure and skilled and well-educated workforce. This, of course, hugely helps our business as well.

But for us it is not just business.

Bulgaria is our home.

Image of Bulgaria

Located in the middle of the Balkans between Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Greece our home country is a picturesque mix of fertile plains, river valleys, pristine lakes and the highest mountains on the Balkans. Having an average 2500 hours of sunlight per year, Bulgaria is a popular destination for summer seaside /Black Sea/ and winter ski tourism. Fascinating historical and natural locations co-exist with bustling modern cities making our home country a beautiful blend of wonderful nature, rich culture, music and… wine.

Bulgaria is home to some of Europe’s best terroirs, growing a large number of grape varieties including some unique not just to Bulgaria as country, but limited only to certain geographical regions. This combined with centuries old winemaking traditions contributes to Bulgaria being the producer of some of the finest wines in Europe.

This is the way we believe we can bring a piece of Bulgaria’s nature and atmosphere to each and every of our Benelux clients. With every house we deliver we send a bottle of some of the finest Bulgarian wines of our choice, red or white depending on the season. So far, our clients think it is just… lekker.

So, reserve your unique bottle now!


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