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Lodge line

Our Lodge line of bungalows was created in order to provide the best combination between carefree living, easy installation and affordable price.

All the houses in our Lodge line, single or double bedroom alike, feature ample living/dining area and a comfortable bathroom. As in all our models, in the Lodge line we have stressed on easy access to the outside and plenty of natural light. The high ceilings also add up to the comfortable feel inside and make our Lodge bungalows a place you would not want to leave.

lodge line

Designed mainly as holiday houses the Lodge bungalows are also very versatile, so it is up to you how will you use the model you like best and where will you place it. But no matter of location our Lodge models always carry with them the Tesseract Homes quality, attention to detail and generous standard equipment as:

• Kerrafront cellular exterior cladding throughout – various decors available.
• 5-chamber uPVC windows as standard, triple glazing as standard.
• Firestone high-quality TPO roofing as standard.
• MDF kitchen cabinets as standard, soft-closing mechanisms.
• LED lighting throughout.
• High performance insulation as standard – 160 mm exterior wall thickness.
• Built-in Grohe toilet as standard.
• Various heating and climate options including Daikin air-water thermal pump.
• Delivery to any point in the Netherlands included in our base prices.
• Prices starting from 54 853.00 EUR inclusive of VAT.
• Customization possible – you just have to share your requirements with us.

lodge line bungalows
lodge line bungalows
lodge line bungalows
lodge line bungalows
lodge line bungalows

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