We have been building and designing houses for more than twenty years now.

During this time, we have worked with a wide variety of clients – from big or small families and individual clients to large multi-national investors.

Our experience in construction and real estate sales has proven beyond doubt, that the personal touch and the direct communication with clients is just as important as the quality of the products and services we provide.

In the constantly expanding real estate and housing market in Europe, we need more people and companies to become a part of our family and help us keep the high quality of service our clients are used to.

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If your company has experience in real estate, architecture, construction, recreational or temporary housing you can become our next sales representative (dealer) in the country or region you operate in.

See below what advantages you get by becoming a Tesseract Homes partner.

Enlarge your market

Enlarge your market

Working with Tesseract Homes gives you access to all markets the company operates on, those include:
• Residential housing
• Vacation and temporary housing
• Care homes and special needs housing.
• Sanitary units and other buildings for the camping industry.
• Investment projects and housing developments.
No Investment Required

No Investment Required

You will benefit from a far-reaching advertising campaign supported by Tesseract Homes. We also provide all the support necessary for successfully dealing with clients.


You will have access to more than twenty years of expertise in design and construction thus being able to meet to your client’s demands swiftly, accurately and effectively.

Happy clients

Tesseract Homes are built from premium quality materials. Also, workmanship standards are very high and all our products are backed by extensive warranty periods.

Competitive Position

We strive for premium quality, but we also know that our products and services must be competitively priced. Currently, Tesseract Homes is offering a very favorable price/quality ratio, which ensures a very competitive market position both for us and our partners.

Growth and Stability

We encourage you to grow at the same time protecting you from eventualities. Our dealership agreements allow you to work independently in designated market segment, territory or both within a comprehensive time frame.

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