Prices, Commercial and Legal

1. In short – what are your advantages? Why should I choose you?

The main advantages that we offer are:
– Very high quality construction. We work with the best and biggest global building material suppliers and also have very stringent quality control. In this way we can deliver a high standard product, which is also sturdy and long lasting.
- Our design philosophy – We design our buildings with the utmost comfort in mind. Although, sometimes our products may be advertised as chalets or mobile buildings, they are actually built with the idea of permanent living. This is why we have many premium options already included in our standard models. A few examples are triple glazing, enhanced soundproofing /both from the environment and between rooms/, minimum of 2.50 interior height in most of our models and many more.
- Pricing – Our products are competitively priced and after a recent market research commissioned by us, we can confidently say we currently have the best price/quality ratio on the Dutch market.

2. Where do your bungalows stand in terms of price?

Our philosophy is dedicated to making our products as affordable as possible. Currently, we are placed in the middle of the market price range, but we provide much above the average quality. This is why we can say that we provide extremely favorable price/quality ratio. Check it yourself by requesting an offer now.

3. Where can I find your pricelists?

Usually our prices will be sent to you upon request. Since, we believe that no two homes are the same in most cases we will send an individual offer made specifically for you, based on your needs and requirements that you will set when sending us your request for an offer.

4. I have a limited budget. What can I build for it?

One of the advantages of Tesseract Homes is that we have our in-house architectural and engineering department. This allows us to easily and quickly determine what we can build for a limited budget and provide a list of options. This is why, we will be happy to help you design and build the best house for your budget. Write us now and we are ready to discuss options.

5. What do your offers include? Are there any extra expenses I need to think of?

We make the most for our offers to be as complete as possible and to leave almost nothing out. This is why all our offers already include transport to your location. Larger (two+), module houses require professional installation, which is also included. Moreover, in every offer you will find a very detailed technical description, which will tell you exactly what you are paying for and if you have asked for different options these will be listed separately. However, there are some expenses, which for technical reasons, can not be listed in an initial offer. Most often these are groundwork and infrastructure related expenses and crane costs for installation. Yet, based on our experience we can provide an estimate or consult you on the various offers you might need to choose from.

6. Does the purchase of a bungalow involve a down payment? How do I know what happens to my money after I have made a down payment?

Yes, we usually will require a down payment even in the case you are purchasing a bungalow from stock. However, under no circumstances, you will be required to pay for anything before we have a mutually signed contract. A production and/or delivery contract can be signed directly or with the help of a local Tesseract Homes dealer. Our contracts strictly comply with the EU commercial regulations and clearly define what is paid for and where your money is directed to /bank transfers only/. In addition, our contracts include a strict timeline, which defines all payments and their respective due dates, which are, of course, related to the way construction or delivery progresses. Moreover, all our clients are regularly informed on construction progress by our factory newsletters, which also include photos and video from the assembly work on your house.

7. Can I pay for a Tesseract in installments, lease or rent it?

You usually pay in installments especially when you have ordered the construction of a new house. The installments are scheduled in accordance to the building progress of which all our clients are duly informed.
Longer term lease is also possible, but leasing plans are strictly individual and depend on the model, lease term and other factors, so get in touch and we will discuss a possible leasing scheme.
At the present moment we do not offer Tesseract Homes for rent.

8. Is a Tesseract Home a good investment?

We make the most for our bungalows to be solidly built and durable and on this website you can find a lot of information regarding our building quality. In this sense a Tesseract is a very stable investment, protecting your money in the long term. Also, many of our clients are making very good income from short or longer term rent. Such an investment scheme has proven very successful in The Netherlands and can help you not only return the amount you have invested in a Tesseract but also make a very lucrative profit.
So, in the case you are interested in Tesseract Homes purely as an investment let us know and we will inform you on possibilities.

9. How long does it take to build a bungalow?

When providing you with a quotation or a contract we will specify the exact deadline when you will have your new bungalow delivered. The production time most often depends on no other factors than our production schedule or simply said – how busy we are. And even though we are usually busy, we try to limit our delivery times to between 2.5 and 4 months from the date of order depending on the model of the house.

10. How do I monitor the construction process? Can I visit your factory?

Even though we give our best to monitor the process for you – you are always welcome! However, like many other fellow companies we are building outside the Netherlands, in our case in Eastern Europe. Understanding this might be a long journey for many of our clients, we have set up a system of sending regular newsletters containing photos and video of the construction process. The newsletters are sent at various important stages of construction, but news from the factory can arrive to you at any time and upon your demand.

Technical, Construction, Installations

1. House, bungalow, stacaravan, chalet? What exactly is a Tesseract?

We have chosen to advertise our buildings as luxury bungalows. We find that this term is closest to what our modular houses are. The main concept behind developing Tesseract Homes is to build houses for comfortable permanent living. Contrary to stacaravans or even the traditional chalet a Tesseract is better isolated, has a much more stable and durable structure and is considerably heavier and more solid. Also, the choice of materials incorporated in the construction both inside and out are the same that would be used in the construction of a traditional home.
We carry on with the same approach on the inside our houses. Our interiors are cozy, but sturdy and solid. The finishes we choose are classy and pleasing to the eye.
In terms of purely architectural setting Tesseract Homes are designed with taking permanent living into account. Our houses feature high ceilings, large windows allowing a lot of sunlight, spacious rooms and conveniently set up interiors.

2. Can I live permanently in a Tesseract Home?

Yes. Our bungalows have very high isolation values as standard, so there is no need for optional “winter insulation”. The exterior walls /165 mm minimum/, floor and roof are as well insulated as in a regular home, so even on colder days you will feel cozy and warm inside a Tesseract Home.
Furthermore, we have addressed other comfort related issues in our houses. A Tesseract is thoroughly soundproofed from the environment, but also internally. Our homes stand out from the rest with their 100 mm thick interior walls filled with mineral wool. This ensures excellent soundproofing between different rooms, but also effectively divides the heated volumes enabling you to efficiently control the climate inside the house and save on your bills.

3. I have a plot, which requires a building permit. Do your bungalows comply with the Bouwbesluit?

In most cases there will be minimal changes made to a Tesseract in order for the house to be fully in line with the Bouwbesluit. However, there may be regional or local requirements that should be observed like roof slope, gutter heights and façade material choice and appearance. In such cases a completely new design may be required, which is, of course, also possible. So, if you need to start a project that requires a building permit tell us more about it.

4. What kind of foundation does a Tesseract need? Who builds that?

Different foundation types may be employed depending on the plot you have. However, in most cases pre-cast concrete /stelcon/ plates can be used. These are readily available in The Netherlands and there are multiple installers, which you can choose from depending on the region. In certain cases we might help with recommending a contactor close to you. Also, a complete set of structural and installation drawings for the foundation will be provided to you or to your installer, so that we make sure the foundation is done properly.

5. What kind of heating system can I have in a Tesseract?

There are hardly any limits in what you can choose for your heating. A standard house would be fully electrical with high quality /Bosch/ electric heaters installed. You can also add air-conditioning or upgrade to a thermal pump with underfloor heating or fan-coils.
Gas options are of course also possible depending on your preferences and the available infrastructure.

6. How is domestic hot water supplied in a Tesseract?

In a standard configuration an electric water heater is already installed. As standard we would use high-efficiency heaters supplied by Bosch or Ariston. If you opt for gas heating then the gas boiler (or instantaneous gas heater) will provide a continuous supply of domestic hot water.
As more efficient options we can offer heat pump water heater, which works on electricity, but is considerably more efficient than a standard heater. Also, if you choose a thermal pump for your heating it can be used to also supply the hot water for you.

7. What façade materials are used in a Tesseract? Is the façade maintenance free?

A standard Tesseract will feature premium façade cladding made by the German company Vinylit, which is completely maintenance-free. But we can offer a variety of façade materials depending on your wishes, location or budget. These can vary from real wood facades, steel cladding, HPL, fiber-cement or alubond finishes. Most are maintenance-free, but of course, if you opt for a façade finish different than the standard we will promptly inform you on the technical properties.

8. What is the roof of a Tesseract? Is the roof maintenance-free?

Currently we use TPO membrane for our flat roofs /supplied by Firestone - USA/ or Schlebbach interlocking steel tiles /supplied by Ruukki – Finland/ for the sloped roofs. Both systems are very durable and do not require any maintenance. Various other roofing systems are available on demand.

9. What the interiors of a Tesseract are made of?

You can choose from various interior finishes, which will be included in your offer as standard or as options. These include wall panels or fiber-glass wallpapers. Various decorative claddings such as MDF paneling, real-wood cladding or cellular /vinyl/ cladding are also available in a wide variety of decors and colors. Ceilings are done with MDF panels /usually white but choices are available/ and for the floors we have a wide choice of laminates or classy and appealing vinyl flooring in planks /wood decors/ or tiles /stone decors/.
For your bathroom we will use PVC cladding as standard /tile design/, but we will also offer our appealing stone décor cellular cladding.
The kitchen and other furniture are custom made for you using MDF of melamine finished boards by premium producers /Kaindl, Egger/ available in wide array of colors and designs.
Get in touch now and we will inform you on all the details and choices.

10. What appliances and equipment can I have in a Tesseract?

Similar to the building materials we use, our choice of appliances and equipment rests on premium producers offering top functionality, reliability and appealing design. For kitchen appliances we install Electrolux, Whirlpool or Samsung as standard. Air-conditioning is usually supplied by Samsung, heat pumps from Toshiba or Daikin and heaters from Bosch.
Still, we are working with a wide variety of suppliers and we are ready to discuss specific requirements.

11. Can a Tesseract be on wheels?

Installing wheels is possible but so are various transport/installation options. These are discussed and decided upon separately for every order, so let us know what exactly your needs are.

12. Me/A member of my family is allergic. Are there any components in a Tesseract Home, which can affect an allergic person or trigger an adverse allergic reaction?

Absolutely all the materials used in the construction of our bungalows are duly tested and certified for residential use, so no adverse effects whatsoever are expected even in allergic people. Moreover, many of the components are made exclusively from natural materials, which further reduces any impact on the inhabitants or the environment. However, if you have a specific medical condition let us know. We will never refuse to additionally consult our specialists and/or material suppliers in order to offer the best choices and solutions for your particular case.

13. I need an informal care home, do you supply that?

Yes, of course. Many of our models can be adapted to accommodate elderly inhabitants or to address the needs of those in need of care. Upon demand our models can be made wheelchair friendly or be specially equipped. Custom made designs are also possible and we will be happy to create one for you.
Let us know what you need and we will address your request immediately.

14. Can I remove a Tesseract and place it on a different plot/location? Can this be done multiple times?

Single module Tessearcts can be removed and replaced multiple times without a problem. Larger models consisting of two or more modules can also be removed and replaced but only with the help of a professional Tesseract installation team.

15. Can renewable energy solutions be incorporated in a Tesseract Home? What can these be?

Our design philosophy is based on a low-energy, efficient accommodation. This is why our houses are very well insulated as standard. In this way we have already set the grounds for making a Tesseract very energy efficient or energy neutral.
As for various green energy solutions we can offer solar panel /photovoltaic/ installations, solar domestic hot water systems, geothermal energy solutions.
Get in touch and we will discuss a wide variety of options.

16. Can I order various auxiliary buildings or structures from you company – terrace, pergola, deck, shed, etc.?

In most cases yes, but this will depend on the project in question. Let us know what you need and we will provide an answer immediately.

Architecture, Planning

1. How long does it take for you to prepare an architectural design for a custom made house?

Depending on how large the house is a conceptual design takes between a week and fourteen days. The conceptual plan is the technical base for providing a complete offer.
After the offer is accepted and construction work is scheduled various technical diagrams/drawings will be sent to our clients for approval. These generally concern the electrical scheme, foundation, infrastructure and groundwork, furniture and/or interior design related features.

2. I would like to order a custom made bungalow. Will I be able to know how it will look like before construction begins?

Yes, our architectural team can provide on demand complete and very realistic 3D renderings of your new home. Our architects, who are the most familiar with the construction technology and materials we use will not only offer an appealing design but will also take into account what is technically possible or most appropriate. In this sense you will not only get quality renderings, but a perfect example of what house you will actually live in.

3. Can I request amendments/changes to an existing architectural plan?

Of course. Our team works in contact with you so that all your wishes, which are technically possible, find their way into the final architectural design. So, even if you choose a model from our standard line it is again customizable and we will be happy to include in it everything you wish for.
However, once production has started only very minor changes are possible.

4. I need a building permit, can you supply all necessary documents?

We will supply all the architectural plans, structural calculations and analysis. However, in many cases local specialists will need to be hired in order for the building permit to be successfully obtained. Such might include local surveyors, building consultants and more.


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