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 TESSERACT HOMES - Luxe Bungalows!

Being here is to say that you are just a few steps away from your new leisure or permanent home, which we will be so proud and happy to build especially for you.

We know well that buying a new house is an important decision. Hardly anybody knows better than us, the builders, how complex construction is and how many factors have to be considered before you find the right home for you built by the right people.

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This is why we worked hard to make our website as informative as possible and help our clients not only choose us but to actually learn more about the design and construction process, which stands behind a luxury bungalow.

Find answers to the questions we have been asked in our long history and maybe add a new one, which we will be glad to reply to.

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Take a look at our line of models, without hesitating to ask us to create your very own custom design, which will stand out as one more way to express who you really are.

See our work up close and discover what keeps us busy now. Follow the easy steps to a new bungalow or just get in touch with us and moveā€¦IN.
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