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Villa line

We designed the Villa line of bungalows as the perfect blend between the modern and traditional.

Featuring a pitched roof and vaulted ceilings our Villa models are notable for the warm and cozy feeling and the inviting exteriors of a country house. Still, in a Villa bungalow you will find plenty of space and natural light.

villa line bungalows

This makes the Villa line of houses equally suitable for the Veluwe forests or the coast. All of this combined with the most modern materials and systems so that we can always provide the comfort and efficiency our bungalows stand for.

Your new Villa will feature as standard:

• Kerrafront cellular exterior cladding throughout – various decors available.
• 5-chamber uPVC windows as standard, triple glazing as standard.
• Ruukki Hygge steel-tile roofing as standard.
• MDF kitchen cabinets as standard, soft-closing mechanisms.
• LED lighting throughout.
• High performance insulation as standard – 160 mm exterior wall thickness.
• Built-in Grohe toilet as standard.
• Various heating and climate options
• Delivery to any point in the Netherlands and assembly included in our base prices.
• Prices starting from 71 193.00 EUR inclusive of VAT.
villa line bungalows
villa line bungalows
villa line bungalows

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